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Do you need a Roof Over?



There is a great alternative to putting a new roof on your mobile home that is called a "roof over". This where a new roof is installed over the existing roof.  This is often preferable because of the expense of a whole new roof and the maintenance costs of the traditional flat roofs.


The new roof over can be applied to a pitched or flat roof by our business. Such a move may enhance the looks of your mobile home and perhaps even the value. Added insulation can help with energy costs and more. A roof over may include an "over hang" extending beyond the walls to help with damaging rain runoff.


The type of roof over application we do is Aluminum roofing and it's very popular.   It can last longer than other types of roof overs and can hold up for many many years.  Check with Fort Wayne Mobile Home Parts as to the best option for your situation that they offer.


An Aluminum roof over can be a relatively quick installation depending on the type of mobile home and situation you have. One of the great things about a new Aluminum metal roof over is they may have less maintenance.  Another thing is that a thick layer of insulation is applied between the old roof and the new roof. This helps with heating bills in the winter and cooling bills in the summer because of the added insulating factor.  This also provides better protection from sounds and noise from outside and above the mobile home.


Let us know if you would like an estimate on a new Aluminum roof over from Fort Wayne Mobile Home Parts today.  Contact us today!




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